The start-up broker solution is a full-suite solution that help our clients kick-start their Forex business. As our clients, you get to choose from having a full-suite startup solution, or customized solutions built to your liking. This includes:

  • Incorporation

  • Website

  • Trading Platform

  • Backoffice/CRM/Agent System

  • Liquidity

zero to one startup broker solution

Incorporation of Your Brokerage Business

Depending on your budget, we are able to help you attain your right to operate your business in the financial services industry on a budget from as low as below US$10,000. We understand that many businesses begin at different starting points. Our solutions in helping clients start their business could range attaining licensing from deeply regulated jurisdictions such as  (Australia, New Zealand, UK, US, etc) to moderately regulated (Vanuatu, Mauritius, Labuan, BVI, Africa) to offshore IBC companies (contact us for more information).

White Label Trading Platform

Allow your clients to gain access to the most commonly advanced and popular trading tools. We are able to offer you something size-able so your setup can get incredibly affordable for you to start running your business, and you can start offering your service to your customers in a very short time. With your own white-label trading platform, your clients can trading on charts, charts with customized timeframes, technical Indicators, and a deep database of open-source trading tools. With our trading platform solutions, your customers can follow experienced traders through their social community in social trading, get their trading accounts managed by a third party with MAM/PAMM/Copytrader (Managed Accounts systems), and dig deep into a large database of market forecasting tools with tools that are customized. 

Multi-Asset Classes

CFD, Futures, Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Bonds, Stocks

Live-streaming Market Data

Real-time Charts, Live pricing, Tick charts, Market indicators, and Single-click trading.

Market Analysis

Fundamental analysis/Technical analysis/Indicators/Multiple time-frame charting/Chart sharing/Analytical tools/Custom utilities and Indicators for charting

Multiple Trading Options

    • Algorithmic Trading
    • One-Click Trading
    • Social Trading
    • Mobile Trading
    • Web Trading


Backoffice/CRM/Trader’s Room/Agent Systems

Easily manage your business’s administration in a single portal. Our back-office systems can help you easily manage leads from demo applications, deposits/withdrawals, automate account registration processes, support sales, IBs and affiliates when it comes to commission management and lead generation. With a simple to understand back-office support system, running your business and managing your global clients comes with absolute ease.


We help you setup liquidity relationships with top liquidity providers if you intend to hedge your business risk with an A Book. Likewise, if your business model is inclined to running a B Book model, we can ensure that you are well equipped and well-versed with the available tools that you are equipped for you to run your business.


Skip the hassle of finding a reliable designer for your website. We will assist you in building a secure and professional website for your start-up. It will be bundled with web maintenance support and basic SEO capabilities suitable for global internet market standards so you will be searchable and have access to the world with least loading issues and restrictions.


We provide easy administration/integrated technology that eliminate operational complexity/simplified marketing through our platforms and backoffice technology.  

The main idea is that the broker should focus on attracting, converting and nurturing leads. Through our tools, you are able to easily manage, engage and support a fully competent team who can help you grow your business.

Sustain your business growth through first mover advantage, with top-tier liquidity providers, low spreads, ultra-low latency and risk management tools, you can attract more customers and retain traders that are highly skilled. Focus on your return on investment: We believe a good business model that meet market demands naturally has the ability to make money. We are in the business where our benefits are tied to the growth of our customers. Therefore, empowering you with the best technology would naturally be our own empowerment.

If you feel this is what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us for a discussion on how to start your business as a broker.