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Vanuatu Forex Licence

by | Jul 8, 2018 | Blog

For brokers with already acquired clients and are familiar with financial regulations operating with a Forex license. We prefer to offer Vanuatu as the best fit for a start-up licensed forex broker. If you desire your company to run a service offering managed accounts or forex CFDs with cryptocurrencies, then in our opinion, this licence is most suitable for you. With the Vanuatu forex licence, your forex bank account is in Vanuatu, and your access to a payment provider is never easier with this license.

We offer many jurisdiction of choice on offshore forex licenses, and there are companies like BVI, Seychelles, Belize, Mauritius and St. Vincent as popular choices. Belize, Seychelles, BVI, Fiji, and many others are forex license that requires high paid up capital and requirements with capital requirements easily from US$30K to US$100K. Vanuatu Securities Dealer Licence requires lesser fees to set up and it takes a shorter time to approve compared to BVI, Belize and Seychelles and others as they typically take around 6 months. An added advantage to having a Vanuatu forex licence is that the company is allowed to accept US and Canadian customers if the company has the structure to do so.

From encounters, some banks choose to block merchant account applications or charge higher fees due to the company having a weak jurisdiction licence, therefore, choosing the right bank for our clients is major part of our role as we will look closely into the duration of maintaining the bank account live and the safety of funds on banking matters. We have a preference in our ability to have a merchant account and credit card gateway in the same bank, so that your brokerage’s customer portal and trading platform can easily integrate without having to change banking partners from time to time.

Compared to onshore banks, Vanuatu banks have lesser audits compared to other major forex licences. This pose as an advantage, as you get more time completing your accounts and audits, making it a strong attribute to use Vanuatu as your start to your own forex brokerage.

For further information on this forex licence, or on others, please feel free to add us on skype or contact us immediately with our customer service.

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