CRM: Standard vs Customized

The CRM or the Back-office portal serves the function where the broker use it as a tool to manage business operations and handle all customers related administration in a single portal. It is an essential tool for the broker as they scale down operational costs on back-office operations and data management. So how different is a CRM standard vs customized version?

Meeting AML requirements, KYC data, deposits, withdrawals and data crunching of raw trade data can all be collated and analyzed in a single place. With us, CRM are customizable, although we still have off the shelf basic functional types in place. Personalized UIs, data management functions, customizable commission structure are just some frequent customizations requested by clients. So our CRM systems can be in the form of a standard layout or in fully extendable versions. We listen to our customers.

Raising operational efficiency, reducing process time, allowing the broker to focus time to build new client relationships, and reducing turnover time to solve customers’ queries is what the CRM aim to achieve.

As different businesses require their unique set of strategies in marketing their business, therefore, before making a decision to adopt your company’s ideal CRM, we will definitely encourage you to come forward to look at our basic standard features, and work out with you on expanded features that you may want to implement in time when your business size expands.

Allowing your feet to get wet is definitely the first baby step forward, and as you operate your business further, with a more defined strategy, there will be more clarity and definition of how you would like to scale your business operation. By then, you will know what types of raw data has to be crunched in order to increase your business. Journey of a thousand miles start with a single step. Let us show you a demo, or discuss with us your desired features, we will bring you closer to choosing your desired portal and make comparisons so that you will see the clear difference between our CRM standard vs customized versions. Reach us!!

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