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We understand that there is minimal difference between starting a Forex Broker from “zero to one full suite broker solution” and this solution. However, through our experience in helping new brokers come into this business, we understand that different start-ups have differences in their backgrounds in this business, different financial backing, and requirements set out by their supporting customer base.

This solution aims to hear from you. The whole idea is to help you streamline your exact needs and get you up and running as a broker focused on your customer’s demographics and wants. Sometimes, with an understanding of the business owner’s personal abilities, we can understand where we can assist you to attain more savings through making recommendations of where you can manually take control of, while automating other required processes.

So how does a PSP work? After your client has gone through the process of opening a trading account, most companies will allocate clients another set of username and password that has an independent access to what we call a client portal. In the client portal and on the general administration panel clients will be able to find a button that asks for Payment. Once this is selected and client clicks on the deposit button, clients will be able to choose from a series of payment methods. Once the client selects his payment method, the payment provider links the client to a page where card payment information will be filled, and after the client submits, the payment service provider will, via their network processor, send data to the card issuing bank to request payment. Once transaction is successful, the money will be credited into your merchant account held with the PSP almost immediately. If you are already utilizing certain service with Grentone, the payment solution is something that we can assist you to set up. Through our network of payment providers, we will be able to help you find a suitable match for your needs. For more information, please contact us.

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