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It has been almost a year since I was in a financial technology company. During this period, I have contacted many customers. Among them,After some communication with us, some customers will find that their ability is not enough to run one.

This is a platform, so the project to build the platform is temporarily put on hold. Among th

em, there are also some customers after getting the new platform.After some operation, there will also be some problems. However, some customers’ platforms have been operating so far and everything is normal. So, what kind of group, or team, is suitable to have a platform of its own? I would like to share some of my thoughts and feelings through my personal experience.

The first one: traders.

This group of people make a living by trading. They have very good trading skills, strategies, mentality, etc.And has strong wind control capability. Their aim is to make money in the foreign exchange market with the world’s foreign exchange.Traders play games. However, this kind of group suffers from various platforms on the market-some flat.Taiwan’s point difference, high handling fees, poor server stability, untimely entry and exitof funds, etc. On such a platform.Trading undoubtedly increases the risk of trading, which comes from human beings and is controllable. So,In order to avoid such risks, the “Trader Team” group will consider building its own.Platform, set reasonable points and handling fees, adjust the server status, and then, on the

ir own platform.Make a deal. In this way, the above problems are solved and the transaction can be carried out at ease. This type of flat.Taiwan, which is generally not promoted to the outside world, is usually used by the members of the trader team to trade by themselves. The core of the “Trader Team” is trading technology and wind control capability! .

The second group: asset management team.

The personnel of this group should carry out an overall management of a certain number of assets, usually this number.It will be bigger. Since it is asset management, it is necessary to make the asset work instead of leaving it idle. At this time, it is necessary to operate

some financial products, and this financial product is of vital importance. It is definitely.Determine the rate of return and the degree of risk. If these assets are placed on an unknown and uncontrollable platform.At that time, the risk is particularly high. Therefore, in this case, some asset management teams will consider it.Build a forex platform of its own. At the same time, it will employ a group of excellent traders to make these transactions.The staff traded on the set-up platform and took care of the assets. Therefore, a safe, stable and controllable.

The platform is extremely important to the asset management team. They must ensure that their

assets are controllable and safe. Therefore, it is very suitable for people who are in charge of capital to have their own platform.

The core of the “asset management team” is to have the amount of capital and a group of excellent traders.

The third group: IB

IB usually apply to be IB on a certain platform, and then promote and sell the agent platform.For sale. Usually, they have their own sales team and a certain number of stable customer groups. They through IB classification and some reward systems, the whole team can earn commissions and bonuses. But due to the limitation of agency authority, the safety of principal, the amount of commission generated, and the amount of rebates.Timeliness and stability are beyond their control. Sometimes there may be delays in payment and commissions may not be refunded.Timely and other phenomena caused the whole team to panic. Therefore, IB agents are also suitable to have a belonging to.

On his own platform. First of all, the agent has his own sales team and sales methods, and has one.A mature customer base with a fixed scale. Therefore, IB agents can consider building a flat of their own.Taiwan, on the platform can reasonably set the commission amount, at the same time the timeliness of rebates is also guaranteed, and.The safety of customer principal is also guaranteed. In this way, the entire sales team can feel at ease to drive.Send the market, without worrying about some platform failures. The core of IB agents is to have excellent sales team and customer groups! .

To sum up, it is only my own personal understanding and feeling. If you want to build your own platform,please consult us.

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