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Investment Dealer License in Mauritius

Investment Dealer License in Mauritius

by | Jan 31, 2024 | Company, Licence

Investment Dealer license in Mauritius: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover the investment dealer license of Mauritius, a hub boasting over 16,000 corporations, trusts, and investment funds, supported by 20 banks, including 10+ foreign institutions. This guide provides insights into the regulatory landscape, licensing procedures, and the strategic advantages of establishing your business in this dynamic market.

Key Features of Mauritius’ Financial Ecosystem:

  1. Establishment and Growth:
    • The global business sector in Mauritius began operations in 1992.
    • Over 16,000 entities, including corporations and trusts, currently call Mauritius home.
    • The presence of 20+ banks, with 10+ being foreign, caters to both domestic and offshore sectors.
  2. Regulatory Authority:
    • The Financial Services Commission, founded in 2001, oversees licensing and supervision of non-bank financial services.
    • This includes insurance, the Mauritius stock market, and the innovative Global Board of Trade (GBOT).
  3. International Collaboration:
    • Mauritius actively engages with global bodies such as the OECD, FATF, and the United Nations.

Licensing Requirements for Corporations:

  1. Dual Licensing:
    • Companies must secure licenses under the Securities Act 2005 and the Financial Services Act as a Category 1 Global Business License (GBL 1).
  2. Corporate Criteria:
    • Minimum capital requirement: US$28,300 (exclude underwriting) US$283,000 (include underwriting).
    • Two resident directors, with the option to engage a local management firm.
    • Registered local office.
    • Highly skilled employees. To manage audit, secretary, compliance and AML/CFT work.
  3. Market Access and Tax Benefits:
    • Clientele from non-blacklisted countries is encouraged.
    • Tax-free royalties for payments to non-residents.
    • Waived stamp duty, registration duty, and other similar taxes.
    • Flexible tax rates and a wide range of exemptions.
  4. Versatile Business Environment:
    • OTC market trading is possible, adding flexibility to business operations.

Navigating the Licensing Process:

  • While Mauritius offers a lucrative business landscape, it’s essential to plan strategically.
  • Licensing may take approximately six months, emphasizing the need for a well-structured approach.

Explore the potential of Mauritius and position your business for success in this vibrant global business hub. Plan meticulously, adhere to regulatory requirements, and leverage the strategic advantages offered by this dynamic market.

If you are interested to explore Mauritius as your potential licensed Forex and CFD brokerage, free to reach out to us here.

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