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Greenstone Condor – Your Proprietary Platform

by | Jun 19, 2024 | Trading Platform

For today’s broker dealer business, offering a platform that offer multi asset classes are just what most users are looking for. Let’s discuss below about the ‘ideal’ platform most broker try to sought after. 

Most trading platforms in the market, with the help of a few APIs in place, are able to trade and stream live prices of spot foreign exchange products, contracts for difference, futures products, and all other tradeable instruments in the market to the front-end users, utmostly, dependent on the product regulatory nature. With a robust trading platform, the online broker is equipped with capabilities to provide additional services if they expand their product offerings, and only subsequently just need to beef up their customer support systems and infrastructure.

Key features worth noting about the Greenstone Condor? 

  1. Placement of orders. Stop-loss Order; Limit Orders; Trailing Stop Order; Market; Manage risks/returns in terms of percentage, pips, cash value equivalent.
  2. Perform and complete transactions. Orders that are still pending fills are displayed vertically in a window, as well as on the chart. The trader can clearly see where they had worked their orders.
  3. Price Alert is another related function. The trader could set a notification when market price reaches their defined price which they set the alert for. This function helps in helping the trader identify market opportunity
  4. Technical indicators. With the help of tradingview charts, the trader is able to tap into a suite of technical indicators offered by the chart provider. If the broker has specific charting vendors to work with, we could also integrate the platform with their preferred charting vendor, so we do not change what the broker prefer. Versatility is key.
  5. Technical analysis: Sufficient analytical tools that meet different needs of investors.
  6. Accurate Reporting. Transaction is timely and accurate, and rarely breaks down to avoid losses to customers.
  7. Fully customizable to your company’s liking. We could add on tabs on the trading interface that links to the preferred partners of the broker dealer. 

Its robust features are worthy of mention. There’s more to Greenstone Condor than that. To stand out from the crowd, and optimization of its predecessor, there are several key functions that Greenstone Condor stands out and is out of the box. They are as follow:

The platform is able to come with an institutional feel to trading. There are also retail front ends. Greenstone Condor uses value of the contract for FX trading and precious metal trading. This setup is similar to most institutional execution platforms like Currenex, FXAll, EBS, and many more. Greenstone Condor’s trading units are based on real market volumes. Greenstone Condor calculates Initial Margins where it uses the equation; Initial Margins = Value Keyed In/Leverage, which is a transparent way to measure the product value. This makes adding in shares trading into the system rather easily, as shares are denominated according to the number of shares as well. In short, Greenstone Condor has the capability to become a multi-asset class platform.

  • Traders Community: The platform is able to link to your independent trading community. We can add in tabs, that can link to the broker dealers’ proprietary marketing assets. 
  • Close All Open Positions functions. If you have ever done trading on PatsSystem, Trading Technologies, Ninja Trader, or CQG, this is nothing new to you. We have a Close All Button that serves as your layer of protection when you have a large portfolio.
  • Profit taking and Stops can be customized according to the number of pips or points, in percentage, and in amounts based on your trading account’s default base currency.
  • Suitable for the savvy trader who would like to manage risk according percentage of equity. This function was requested by many of our institutional trading customers and money managers. We made it happen.
  • We use TradingView charts. TradingView charts are clear and straightforward, and it has been the standard charting interface for today’s many stock trading platforms and crypto-currencies exchanges. So, after having some thoughts about making it easy for clients transiting from other specialized exchanges and brokerages to our clients who will be offering the Greenstone Condor platform, this was implemented.
  • Web Interface with mobile applications. Easily capture screenshots of your chart and share. Hassle-free with no sophisticated downloads. Try us out; you will know what I mean.
  • Tax handling. Another edge for the Greenstone Condor platform is that we are able to help you stay tax compliance and meet regulatory requirements easily. Our trading platform can help you handle VAT, GST, withholding taxes if you require these functions to be live. So, if your regulatory regime requires that you are equipped with tax handling. We are your preferred choice. The highly regulated Securities broker, FCM (Futures Commission Merchant), the Crypto-currencies exchanges, the Forex and CFD firms, and the Investment Professionals, speak with us.

The Greenstone Condor is a well thought trading platform that offer traders from all walks to come into one single place. We can help you integrate your respective APIs to your desired liquidity provider in a very short time. With our API, you can also integrate your existing back-office portal to us rather easily. We have thought through ergonomically for your customers, and we have taken thought for you on having the need to stay compliant on regulations, maintain profitability, ease to operate, and a backend structure that could widen your horizon and expand your brokerage business.

The Greenstone Condor will make startups very possible to start and the matured business will save lots of costs in compliance and technological spending. Reach Us.

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