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Are St Vincent Forex Companies Issued A License?

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Company

Many brokers come to us for information on St. Vincent company registration. Some thinks when you setup a Forex Company at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines; your company becomes a regulated Forex company. We want to clarify again, this assumption is wrong. According to a from the St. Vincent Financial Services Authority, St. Vincent Forex Companies are allowed to operate as a brokerage in Forex and Binary Options, but they do not regulate, observe, supervise or issue licenses. Although the St Vincent jurisdiction does not license the Forex brokerage industry, their flexible policies has given opportunities to many startup brokerages a chance to experience running the brokerage business.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a volcanic island in the southern part of the Small Antilles islands in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines declared independent on 27 October 1979. It is now a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and is predominantly black and of mixed race. Offshore finance and tourism are important industries.

St Vincent Forex Companies Registration Advantages:

1. A company may be formed by one director, either an individual or a company

2. The company shall be exempted from income tax and stamp duty for 25 years from the date of establishment

3. Can be managed from anywhere in the world

4. No local legal person or office is needed

5. The jurisdiction observes tight secrecy laws, protecting lots of private information of their people and entities.

6. The registered capital is unlimited, a thousand dollar for the lower registered capital. Registration completion is within 7 working days

Documents Required for Saint Vincent Company application:

  1.  Passport
  2.  Proof of Address (Utility or Bank statement for no more than 3 months)
  3.  No Criminal Record proof

If you are interested to register for a St. Vincent company and would like to find out more information, please consult:


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