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Platform Access for China Users

by | May 24, 2021 | Blog

If you are currently a provider of a trading platform, or even CRM access to clients, did you experience clients who use your platform behind their country’s firewall e.g. China customers, feedback to your technical support team about their access to the trading terminal CRM or other internet accessed platform are giving them loading problems? When you double check with customers who are out of that specific region, you discovered that no connectivity issues or outages were experienced? So what is actually wrong with your server connection to these groups of users? This page shares about challenges and possible solutions on platform access for China users.

When you are a broker/dealer where you offer trading platform access via trading servers, the location of your trading server play an important role as to how fast users can access to your platform, it works similar to website hosting. If you are intending to offer your services to China-based users specifically, it is unique in a way where if you want to offer your website access or services to users in the region, you need to attain an ICP number and get an approval through their local authorities, and thereafter, you can apply for a domestic hosting service, if otherwise, most websites or applications hosted out of the country, will experience delays loading up content, in technical terms, there will be ‘data packets’ lost while transmitting content to their users’ computer.

Your needs are heard, and we have solutions to help you reach these customers and without having to incur hefty monthly fees. At a reasonable fee monthly, we are able to provide you with an alternate IP where you can add into your trading platform, and your business can start offering broker dealer services to clients behind their country’s firewall.

If the above content is something that interests you, and you would like to know what solutions can help greatly improve platform access for China users, feel free to reach us here.

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