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CRM for Forex and CFD Broker

by | Apr 29, 2021 | Blog, Knowledge Share

Banks globally centers a lot of attention on ways to improve customer service and to mine out useful clients’ consumption habits, so that it may induce their customers to increase their usage on facilities offered through the bank. That tool that help them reach this success and gain that competitive edge is through the use and engagement of tools such as the CRM, which is the Customer Relation Management system. The CRM for Forex and CFD Broker functions similar to the system from the banks in many ways. Some people call it the back-office portal for the broker, or some call it the Trader’s Cabinet. The portal helps the broker track the flow of leads, as well as to help the business enhance in the conversion and re-generating more leads, so that the broker dealer can attract more active customers. The CRM run real-time reports to track how much revenue were earned per lead generated. Audit trails, timestamps, cash management, deposit, withdrawals, client management, feedback, client support can all be performed via our CRM solution.

You can be informed through your portal automatically record and manage detailed demographic profiles for each of your leads, clients and partners. There is also a dashboard that displays all relevant data to your business, starting from marketing sources, records of deposit values, contact info, language preferences and Profit and Loss data through trading activities of clients.

Within the portal and administrator module, your business can create custom campaign and payouts. The CRM for the Forex and CFD broker is a tool for the broker dealer to easily track operational activities and enhance results from marketing. It is also built with custom HTML email templates and autoresponders so that the broker can send out notices and announcements on predetermined actions made by individual clients or in a group. For example, if you would like to run an email campaign relating to gold trading, you can generate a custom report with a list of traders who have traded in gold recently. Based on the report generated, you thus run the campaign through emailing these batch of customers through the administrator portal and inform them regarding any upcoming activities so that it would attract them to participate more actively through trading.

The CRM helps the broker through automating many business process and keep business operations in arms length. The CRM works in a way where it is synchronized with clients’ respective trading platforms, therefore trading activities in all trading accounts managed by the company could be seen and summarized with a few simple clicks on the mouse. Our CRM can be customized are not hard coded, and it is able to be synchronized and connected to all types of trading platforms, we have made many different versions accustomed to meet different needs to different trading platform providers. So the broker can automatically calculate daily trade and transaction revenues seamlessly even if you offer multiple trading platforms. Our CRM has the ability , however not limited to them; create tailored reports on commissions, rebates, leverage settings, and custom results through the layering on analytics on top of the raw data extracted from your trading platform, so that there can be increased control with ease.

If you need a versatile CRM that can boost your business, we believe we have the solution for you, feel free to contact us.

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