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International Business Company: Why Incorporate an IBC?

by | Jul 16, 2020 | Company

The full name of the IBC, International Business Corporation or Offshore Company. In most jurisdictions, the IBCs get to enjoy preferred treatment of tax. To maintain an IBC, the local government of the offshore jurisdiction only charges a reasonable annual renewal fees, annual government fees, maintain a registered address with a local agent to attend to your official matters. The Seychelles and the St. Vincent are all good choices. Both jurisdictions can freely conduct financial transactions and have good confidentiality. The documents needed to apply for a company are simple. Only one director and one shareholder are needed, and the directors and shareholders can be the same person.

Annual shareholders’ meeting is not obligatory for most jurisdictions. IBC registration process is clear cut and not red taped. Compared to registering a Chinese company from experience, the applicant have to go through visits to the offices to attain stamps and seek approval. For the IBC, there are no high capital requirements and no physical presence is required at the applying jurisdiction in order to have the company’s

Tax filing, attaining enterprise codes are all automated processes and most instructions could be carried out emails, without having to go through stamps and chops to register an official document.

If you are considering registered and incorporating an IBC that could help you segregate your offshore business dealings, please feel free to reach out to us, please contact us:


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