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Broker Dealers: Truly Own Your Brand

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Trading Platform


The world of forex and brokerage business is dynamic and ever changing. Over these years, we have seen many brokers being very reliant on 3rd party developed trading platform software, to now, where brokerage entities who have the ability, are beginning to acquire their own source codes, and develop their own trading technology. Reasons, to prevent 3rd party app providers barring the use of their 3rd party developers, as well as, the abrupt revoke of their software licenses. To lower the risk of a broker’s day to day business operation, acquiring full source codes or to develop an in house is the new trend to mitigate business risks.

Our co-developed trading platform help the brokers solve these inherent business risk, and we provide solutions based on different levels of entry. Ranging from white labels, full license software, or a purchase of the source code at a relatively low cost. Our state-of-the-art platform comes with a fully branded trading terminal, complete back-office with built in MAM and flexible access roles, web/desktop trading capability, mobile trading, and liquidity provider gateway. Additional customization is also available for brokers via our experienced in-house software development team.


Trader can trade on the charts. In the premium webtrader version, traders can perform their trades through clicking on the chart, drag drop orders directly off the charts.

With trade sizing on the fly clients can automatically set the perfect entry and exit amounts based on their own risk parameters.

The platform has three charting packages (proprietary charting in the downloadable Trading Terminal, Trading View charts, the world’s most popular Crypto charting package, and premium charts with powered by ChartIQ as part of Condor’s Premium Webtrader offering.

Advanced Charting Options, one click Pending orders, drag and drop resting orders, and Server Driven Trailing Stops

Quotes and Execution Gateway

The trading platform has succesfully integrated with PrimeXM’s XCore and OneZero’s Liquidity Hub, which provides access to over 200 liquidity providers. For brokers or clients with existing technology and liquidity arrangements, the trading platform can seamlessly integrate within 24 hours and supports multiple asset classes. CONDOR IS ALREADY CONNECTED TO THE BRIDGES BROKERS CURRENTLY USE. TRY A DEMO TODAY

With the administrator level Back Office, brokers can easily manage markups, manage exchange style three-tier margining, manage liquidity source, and execution type (A book or B Book).

You can buy the Source code!

We provides options to brokers to purchase the source code. Firms can buy the source code and then customize it for their own needs allowing brokers to build their intellectual property. We provide this at a fraction of the cost compared to other development companies.

Source Code Purchase request a quote

License to Purchase: request a quote

Custom & Steady State Software Development available upon request

Condor FX
Mobile One Click Trading from Charts

Why Condor?

It is no secret that many successful brokers such as FXCM, Oanda, Plus500, and CMC Markets offer multiple platforms and intake over half of the flow on their PROPRIETARY technology. As a result, at least half of trade flow is specific to their business – this increases customer loyalty and reduces customer churn. Further, offering unique solutions to traders is a crucial point of differentiation when everyone else is offering the same. Moreover, as a licensee or as an owner of source code, if you have unique and proprietary solutions for FX business, you can implement it on this robust trading platform and be a game-changer and a leader in the market by offering a platform that nobody else has.

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