Can you become a regulated broker with just below US$100K budget today?

Globally, there are more than thousands of broker/dealer companies out there, and is becoming a broker/dealer your wish?

Let’s start with gaining your clients’ trust with a legal structure. This is done through a financial authority or regulatory body of a specific country, where you register your business with the local authority and proclaim that you are operating your broker/dealer business under their governance and is subject to their local supervision and regulatory laws. Through supervision and regulatory laws, investors and other business partners is likely to gain more trust as governance will lay a third eye on your business, and measures will be taken if your business break any laws or perform any misconduct.

What are the advantages of being regulated? First of all, earn trust. When a company gets watched over by regulators, and misconduct gets greatly reduced. There will be requirements for the company to be transparent with investors and customers. Next, is advantage over competitors and specifically those yet to have attained any license. Promote your business with the least resistance from the local government. Third, solve the biggest problem all brokers encounter nowadays, that is attaining bank accounts. Being a regulated company, applying for a bank account and payment gateway is a lot easier. With resistance taken care of, smooth running of platform, risk management, back office, reports, maximizing your trading assets to make the platform work better is all you need. Last, diversity. To know how, speak with us. We will provide you professional answers on how to operate brokerage business profitably and legally.

Seychelles Securities License


Most countries have their own financial regulators. Let’s talk Seychelles today.


The Republic of Seychelles, or Seychelles for short, is an archipelagic country in the Indian Ocean of eastern Africa. On June 29, 1976, Seychelles declared its independence and established the Republic of Seychelles, which is a member of the Commonwealth. Half the area is reserved for  nature reserve, and it enjoys the reputation of “tourism paradise”.


As we all know, Seychelles, like Hong Kong, is a financial center of Africa. Their main source of income depends on the financial industry and tourism industry, so they play a significant role in regulation.

In Seychelles, the regulator is the FSA Financial Services Authority and the license type is Securities Dealer. The license holder can offer a variety of financial instruments (including stocks, bonds, options futures and CFD contracts) for trading.

Regulator’s right: to guide the nature and scope of the Licensee’s business, including the type of securities offered, and determine whether the licensee can hold client funds, and to require the licensee to obtain and maintain membership on a recognized overseas stock exchange.

In terms of office location requirements, it is worth mentioning that there would be physical office location and permanent employees.

In terms of regulatory requirements, the minimum paid up capital to be maintained is above US $50,000 (contact us for more information). If the company is subject to any punishment or any issues causing the licensee to cease operation, the licensee must notify the FSA Financial Services authority. The company must maintain a separate bank account for segregating clients’ money from their operating funds. One more thing Seychelles is worth mentioning is because that Seychelles is a member of the Commonwealth, so it has great advantages in applying for bank account around the region. We have helped many Seychelles companies obtain Bank account.

On accounting and audit requirements, the licensee must keep reasonable accounting records in accordance with financial reporting standards. Our legal team can assist you in completing the application requirements. We will help you prepare documents, offices, employees, and apply from respective departments etc. to help you. If attaining a Seychelles Securities Dealer License is what you are looking for, reach us 

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