About Grentone

Grentone Meta Solutions (also “Grentone”) is a solutions architect to brokers and money managers dealing with Forex (Foreign Exchange), Cryptocurrencies, Futures, Securities, Contract for Differences (CFDs), and other financial derivative instruments. Grentone is headquartered in Singapore and has subsidiary business units in Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and other parts of Asia.

Our Mission

To prescribe our clients with appropriate cost on the right things, deploy effective technological tools, partnering clients with the right people who can support and run businesses, where the rest is about helping you build your marketing and lead management.

We are specialized in:

  • Forex Broker Incorporation
  • Fund Manager Incorporation
  • Financial Licences
  • Grey Label Platform
  • White Label Platform
  • Backoffice Integration
  • Banking and Payment
  • Web Marketing and Design

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